Schatt's Last Shot

Schatt's Last Shot has yet to be released on home video. 1985, 10 mins.


"Touch Me Tonight"
Music by Moogy Klingman
Lyrics by Todd Solondz
Sung by Jill Wisoff

His first color film with synced sound, Schatt's Last Shot is the film that got Solondz studio attention and the opportunity to direct his first feature, Fear, Anxiety and Depression. Solondz plays the lead himself, a high schooler who's about to graduate, but whose hopes of attending MIT - and winning the heart of his beloved Bunny - are dashed by his inability to shoot a hoop and thus pass gym class. Finding renewed resolve, he challenges his coach to an after-school one-on-one match to determine "who's the loser."  His director of photography was again Cedric Klapisch (The Spanish Apartment, Un Aire de Famille), who also shot Feelings, The Babysitter and included Solondz in his own NYU film In Transit.


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