a film by Todd Solondz, NYU 1984
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Feelings is available on DVD as part of the Cinema 16: American Short Films compliation, with an audio commentary by Jordi Costa, author of Todd Solondz: En Los Suburbios de la Felicidad. There are 15 other short films, most with commentaries, included in the collection. 1984, 3 mins.
Feelings2.gif (21250 bytes)His first film shot with sound, Feelings is a two and a half minute movie made as an NYU film school assignment in 1984. Solondz himself takes the lead role of a sensitive young man who finds he can no longer endure life without his beloved (Jan Meredith). Photographed by Andy Day, the film is set to Todd Solondz's personal rendition of the song "Feelings" by Morris Albert. Cedric Klapisch (The Spanish Apartment, Un Aire de Famille), who included Solondz in his own NYU film In Transit, worked on this production as assistant cameraman.

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